Explaining myself

28th March 2017

DSC_1661I’ve been a little absent recently, and it’s time to explain myself. After a great chunk of my life spent working with writers – coaxing their words out of them, reading their words, tweaking their words, talking about their words – I’ve decided it’s time to change things a little. So instead of being firmly ensconced in the publishing world, I’ll be working with architects and designers. Here are people who do something other than writing for a living (or hoping to write for a living) and just happen to have to write things as part of what they do. So my job will be to keep the spark alive whenever they need to get things down on paper. You’ll find me at architypal.co.uk.

I’m convinced that good writing can make a difference, and can even make things happen, and I’m on a mission to make a small part of the world beyond publishing understand that.

But of course you can never completely leave behind life as an editor. I’ll never quite shake off the very particular editorial mindset that I’ve honed over years of working on manuscripts, and I know that I’ll still be reading books with professional as well as personal interest. That’s just the way it is when you’ve had to read with pen in hand for so long.

And, actually, I’ve got one more important assignment to carry out. In December I’ll be tutoring on an Arvon course with Alison MacLeod. Do join us there if you can.